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Updated: Feb 10

Jamaica is important to the Rastafari movement because its leader was born on and the small 4,240 sq mi island of JAMAICA.

I created an Airbnb Experience ‘Rastafari Edutainment & Tours’ as a fun, engaging, and edutaining experience for travelers to Jamaica. The tour provides the traveler with a personal exploration of historic sites on the beautiful island.

Here is a synopsis of the tour.

Rastafari Tours takes the traveller on a historical exploration of a very known but unknown aspect of Jamaican Culture-RASTAFARI.

Rastafari and all that was born out of the culture, (long locks, reggae music, Ganja, and red, green, gold colors) has its origin in Jamaica and is an important aspect of Jamaican history and culture.

The tour takes you on a journey to Marcus Garvey’s birth home and ends at Sha Sha Marley in Browns Town St Ann; after stops at Fire Water, artisan, food and other vendors along the way.

Few people in the world fully over stands what it means to be truly Rasta. Few know that Marcus Garvey was the catalyst for Rastafari. True Rastas know that Rastafari is more than smoking Ganja, wearing long locks, and the red, gold and green; Rastafari is a movement and a way of life.

But a movement towards what?

Rastafari Tours introduces the traveler to the Rastafari ‘way of thinking’; by talking and reasoning with Jamaican Rastas-the original Rastafari.

The Rastafari way of thinking was birthed from the teachings of Jamaica’s 1st National Hero and Black Nationalist leader, Marcus Garvey. Learn about Marcus Garvey‘s perspective on Egypt and his ”Look To Africa” message at EZMysterySchool.

The first stop in the tour will take the traveler to Fire Water in St Anns Bay, the birthplace of Marcus Garvey. Travelers will explore the birthplace of the worlds greatest champion for Black people and the catalyst for the Rastafari Movement. They learn the history of St Ann’s Bay and uncover for themselves the mysterious health benefits of the acclaimed ‘Fire Water’.

Speaking of health benefits.

Did you know that Jamaica is home to over 85% of the worlds medicinal plants; of which the Ganja plant is the most widely used by Rastafarians and the most controversial?

Uncover why the Ganga plant is so controversial. Learn why this powerful plant is referred to as the ‘healing of the nations’ by Rastas and how it was farmed and harvested by the earlier Ganja farmers.

Our tour concludes at Sha Sha Marley where guests learn why Rasta’s eat ITAL food; SEE how it is prepared; TASTE and FEEL the vitality from Livity and DISCUSS the Rastafari way of life over chalice and ital lunch.

Travelers to Jamaica will enjoy an edutainment experience like none other, as they journey into the history and mystery of Rastafari.

This unique Rastafari Experience includes:

Guided Tour


Coconut Water or other fruit drink


I’ll begin hosting Rastafari Tours Every Sunday beginning Feb 27 and culminating with a Farm Festival on (April 21-April 24) Book Your Tour



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