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Join veteran educator and former US Fellow Karen Francis, on a cultural ed-venture that takes students and visitors on a journey into the cockpit country to learn from Maroons themselves, about their history, culture, and use of Free Lands.


The Maroons were an intergal part of Jamaican history and culture. They were the catalyst for the slave rebellions throughout Jamaica that ultimately led to Jamaica becoming the second country to free itself from British Colonialism; the first being Haiti's revolt against the French.


This Ed-venture takes us on a hike into the Cockpit Country to see first hand the ruins of the military base at Windsor and to view the remains of a British Barracks in Flagstaff.


These ruins represent the causalities of the British army at the hands of the Nanny, Kudjoe and the Maroons.


After a visit to the ruins we’ll hike into the Cockpit Country to explore the extraordinary landscape of hills, valleys, and caves which is home to over 250 species of endemic (unique to the island) plants and animals.

This island within an island, won by the Maroons in 1700, is home to specifically adapted biodiversity found nowhere else in the world. Jamaica is a strong hold for many island-endemic species and is the only location on Earth with more than 100 plants and animals.


We’ll conclude the ed-venture with an exploration of the Free Villages on the island. Free villages are communities in Jamaica that were established in 1848 for Sovereign living.


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Please contact Empress to coordinate your group tour. or


 876-816-1953         352-247-4542



Explore Jamaican Hertory & Culture

  • Please wear comfortable shoes and bring appropriate items as we will be hiking

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