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Empress Zaria’s BudnBreakfast is a community tourism company that coordinates authentic Jamaican travel experiences for Jamaicans and tourists. Our ed-ventures are owned and operated by Jamaicans in local communities to facilitate cultural exchange and trade through English language development. 


We partner with local businesses to coordinate wellness retreats, cultural tours, eco tours, voluntourism projects, and entertainment that enables visitors to connect with Jamaican people and Jamaica's rich landscape in an authentic way.


Our ed-ventures help to develop local communities and infrastructure that;

* Promotes better education, health care,

   and entrepreneurial opportunities for Jamaicans;

* Facilitates English Language development, cultural exchange, and social events

  between Jamaican's and tourists; 

*Preserves and promotes Jamaica's rich

  cultural heritage through arts & crafts shows, cultural tours, and ancestral activities.

 Support Community Tourism in Jamaica. 

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High! I'm Karen aka Empress

After investing the last 20+ years as a cultural ambassador teaching English to children and adults in the US, China, and most recently in Cameroon, Africa, I returned to Jamaica and partnered with communities throughout the island to promote and support cultural education thru community tourism. 


Working in partnership with Rastafarians, Maroons, Jamaicans on the island and in the Diaspora, we’ve design Ed-ventures that provide an immersive and interactive exploration of African culture through the landscape and experiences of Rastafarian spirituality and Maroon history. 

Whether you're here in Jamaica or in the vast diaspora abroad we invite you to explore the history and culture of Jamaica's sovereign peoples-Rastafari & Maroons.   


Support Community Tourism in Jamaica and book your authentic Jamaican ed-venture today.

    Come and Explore  Jamaica's Indigenous
       Past  & Present

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