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Are you and your partner eager to explore new dimensions of connection and intimacy?

Do you want to learn how psychadellic mushrooms can Heal Your Relationships and Liberate your Spirit. 


Then this Afrodesia Tantra Ed-venture is for you.


Deepen your journey toward emotional wellness, psychological freedom, and lightness of spirit by learning and experiencing the history, state-of-the-art research, and best practices for wise use and holistic integration of psychedelic experiences with mushrooms.


We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you and your partner to join us for a transformative experience; “Afrodisia” Tantra Ed-venture.


This Ed-venture is designed for couples seeking to deepen their emotional and sexual bond.


Starting Valentines Weenend 2024, and every month thereafter, couples can immerse themselves in the enchanting rhythms of love and discovery set against the backdrop of Jamaica’s lush landscapes and soul stirring AfroBeats. 


Afrodisia is an edventure into self love, unity and the profound connections that binds us.


What awaits your? Your All Inclusive Experience includes:


Accommodations that promise comfort and serenity,

History, Street Food, & Culture Tour

Guided guided psilocybin mushroom journey 

Afro Bests Performances igniting the spirit of Africa,

Workshops on Tantra, led by renowned experts.


RSVP for an soul awakening ed-venture that will transform you and your relationships.


Limited spots are available to ensure personalization and intimate experience.

This is the perfect gift of healing and reconciliation for black couples to kick off the New Year, for Black History month or Juneteenth.


Lock in your spot. RSVP Now!




Mushrooms & Relationships

4.999,99$ Precio
3.749,99$Precio de oferta
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