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Updated: Apr 18

The Minard Hill 4H JMG Club is Hosting #afiwiCulcha Earth Day Culture Fest at Sha Sha Marley April 21- April 24

The color Black in the Jamaican flag depicts the strength and creativity of the people; Gold, the natural beauty of the sunlight and the wealth of the country; and Green signifies hope and agricultural resources. Many tourists travel to Jamaica to experience the Golden (Sunshine and Natural Beauty of Jamaica) aspects of our National Flag but few has had the opportunity to explore the Black (Strength of our People) and the Green (Agricultural Resources) aspects of Jamaican culcha. The Minard Hill 4H Club hopes to change that.

The Minard Hill Community 4H Club is promoting Girlz in Agriculture to Jamaican and international students by launching a Junior Master Gardener and Apprenticeship program. We are kicking off the program by hosting our first annual Earth Day Cul’cha Festival on April 22, 2022. The Earth Day Cultural Festival will showcase Jamaica’s BioDiversity as an avenue into Green-careers and Green-businesses, and supports the www.Earthday.org’s Invest In The Environment message. #aFIWICulcha 4H Earth Day Culcha Fest Registration, Friday April 22, 2022 at 9:00AM Eventbrite

Our 4H Club is using the Earth Day event to attract young mothers into Agri-Careers and Agri-Businesses programs by showcasing educational programs that lead into careers in green technologies, agri-careers, and agri- businesses.

Minard Hill, located in Brown’s Town, St Ann. St. Ann, was once Jamaica’s largest local producer of food for the tourist industry. The 4H Club’s President, Marvin Palmer, started this club as a means by which to train young in agriculture and to re-establish Minard Hill as one of the leading farming communities in Brown's Town. To this end, the Minard Hill 4H club is assisting club members to purchase or build Tower Gardens to grow crops for local and tourism purposes.

To become a 4-H Junior Master Gardener go to: Here

During the early days of tourism in Jamaica, Jamaicans used their properties to grow food for local and tourism purposes. Marvin Palmer, a farmer and a member of the Jamaican agricultural society, is providing organic farming training to 4H members via a Junior Master (Tower) Gardener Program. 4H Members interested in using Tower Gardens to grow food for tourism are encouraged to contact Mr. Palmer at: MarvinPalmer2012@gmail.com

To become a 4H member, join the Junior Master Gardener Program here

The hosting of tourists in their homes was another method of cultural exchange practiced by Jamaicans in the early days of Jamaican tourism. He believes that “A home stay” at an Abnb is the only way to ‘truly’ EXPERIENCE Jamaican culture.” Mr. Palmer encourages his members to take hosting tourists in their homes or farms one step further by providing their guests with home cooked meals and tours to Jamaica’s natural, historical, and cultural hot spots.

Jamaica’s biodiversity and agriculture is now, in as much demand, as her beautiful sunshine. As the pandemic rages on, Green has eclipsed the Gold as Jamaica’s most sought after natural resource. The pandemic has created a demand for more “Green” approaches to eating and lifestyle, opening up significant career and business opportunities in the agribusiness sectors.

Your support of this Earth Day Fest, the Tower Garden Project and other Green 4H projects will provide training and employment for young people in Minard Hill and across Jamaica, in agricultural and green tech careers and businesses.

Thank you for your support.



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