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Updated: Jul 16, 2020


You may or may not know this but, approximately 15 years ago I ran for public office. Yep, I was persuaded by a, then School Board Member, to run for a seat on the Marion County School Board. This was his recommendation after I made 3 unsuccessful attempts to convince the School Board members to build a Charter School in our local community (Marion Oaks). My mentor explained that the path to getting a school in Marion Oaks required political action. A process I knew absolutely nothing about but was willing to learn. Here began my journey into politics.

Although we never did get the Charter School we envisioned, the school board finally conceded after I nearly unseating of the incumbent (Steve Hering). Had I run during the next election, I would have unseated him. The School Board members knew this and so to keep me quiet we were built a brand new 4o Million dollar state of the arts school. Not only did they build the residents of Marion Oaks, Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks, a few short years later, they built Marion Oaks Elementary.

It was during my run for the seat on the School Board that I came to overstand the power of politics. My students and parents witnessed first hand the power of We The People. It was during the development of my campaign platform that my political beliefs were solidified. And it was also during those days of introspection that I realized that my political beliefs aligned more with the platform of the Republican party than it did with the Democratic Party. (Ill explain 'How I became a Black Republican', in another blog.

Need-less- to say, I left that experience with a knowing that We The People have Power. If however, that Power is not exercised, politicians, law enforcement, will become corrupt. It was the spirit of civic responsibility which led me to champion numerous other projects within the Marion Oaks Community. The latter part of which I fulfilled as a 4-H Leader. It was under this, purely volunteer role, that I, my brave 4-H club members, and their parents encountered and overcame one challenge after another. I sincerely believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our families. But we also have a civic duty to fulfill, besides Voting. One that requires that we become an active member of the political process.

I realize that many of us can hardly remember the branches of the government, much less what what each politician is supposed to do. Ultimately, the most important question is, How Are Our Elected Officials Serving WE THE PEOPLE? We The People need to insist that elected officials make decisions in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE and arrest them, not only for legal violations, but moral and ethical violations as well. This oversight is unenforceable however, due to 'qualified immunity.'

Next Saturday July 18, 2020 8PM Ill be leading a re-fresher course on American Government with my kiddies and a few friends. During this time we will engage in deeper meaningful conversations around 'qualified Immunity' and other political hot topics so that we can more effectively fulfill our personal and civic responsibilities.

You are welcome to Join the Revolution of Responsibility us via Zoom.

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