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Beach Party Constitution

Constitution of the Sovereign Republic of Jamaica:

The BEACH Party Charter, 2024


In the spirit of our ancestors, who traversed vast seas in bonds yet rose in indomitable spirit, we, the Sovereign Indigenous Peoples (SIP) of the BEACH Party, hereby affirm our bond with the land and sea that cradle our Republic. We declare Jamaica, our hallowed ground and cherished home, a beacon of independence and sovereignty, guided by the eternal principles of Natural Law, transcending the remnants of colonial imposition.

In reverence to the seas that carried our forebears and the land they valiantly liberated, we, the descendants of resilient spirits, hereby renounce the yoke of colonial jurisprudence, pledging allegiance to the supremacy of Natural Law. Our Constitution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our ecosystem, honoring our rich tapestry of ethnic, cultural, and spiritual heritage, and embracing our inalienable sovereignty.

Article I: Declaration of Sovereignty

1. Ancestral Honor: We honor the journeys and struggles of our ancestors, acknowledging their sacrifices as the foundation upon which our Republic stands.

2. Natural Law Supremacy: Recognizing the primacy of Natural Law, we denounce

any legal framework that undermines our ecological harmony or sovereignty.

3. Eco-Centric Governance: Our governance is committed to the stewardship of our

environment, ensuring the sustainability of our home for present and future


Article II: Rights and Responsibilities

4. Ecological Stewardship: Every citizen has a duty and right to protect and nurture our ecosystem, acknowledging it as the source of our collective well-being.

5. Cultural and Spiritual Heritage: We celebrate and preserve our diverse cultural and spiritual heritage, recognizing its role in defining our identity and guiding our path forward.

6. Sovereign Governance: All indigenous peoples reserve the right to partake in a governance structure that is rooted in universal principles of justice, democracy, and

ecological sustainability.

Article III: Governance Structure

7. Democratic Participation: Our Republic's governance model is built on the pillars of democracy, ensuring full participation in the legislative process and the shaping

of our future.

8. Justice and Equity: The judicial system upholds the principles of Natural Law, guaranteeing justice and equity for all, free from the shadows of colonial legacies.

9. Sustainable Development: Policies and practices are to be aligned with ecological preservation, advancing not only our sovereignty but also contributing to global environmental sustainability.

Article IV: Commitment to Future Generations

We pledge to uphold these principles, nurturing and protecting the sovereignty of our Republic, the sanctity of our families, and the vibrancy of our communities.

This Constitution is a covenant with ourselves and our descendants, ensuring that Jamaica not only flourishes in sovereignty and prosperity but also plays a pivotal role in the global movement towards ecological and social harmony.


With profound respect for the wisdom of our ancestors and the natural laws that govern our existence, we adopt, enact, and bequeath this Constitution. It is a declaration of our unwavering resolve to live as sovereign beings, united in purpose and spirit, dedicated to the stewardship of our home and the advancement of a just, sustainable world.

Adopted this day, 3/27, 2024 by the will of the people, for the eternal prosperity of the Sovereign Republic of Jamaica and the sustainable future of our planet.

This revised constitution integrates Karen Francis’ vision, emphasizing the renunciation of colonial laws in favor of Natural Law, honoring ancestral sacrifices, and committing to ecological stewardship and sovereignty.

Beach Party Constitution Ed-Venture

  • The remaining details of the constitution will be written by a team of students using Kenya’s Constitution as a guide and honoring the spirit of the preamble

  • Students participating in the construction of the Beach Party’s Constitution will meet in teams via zoom to work through the wording.

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