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Empress          Zaria

I am a returnee to Jamaica after 20 years of teaching English to children and adults in the USA, China, and most recently, Cameroon, Africa. For the past year and a half I’ve been touring and exploring little knows spots on my island home-Jamaica.

Learn more about me via my You Tube Channel's Empress Diaries.
I’ve put together some excursions around the island that I think visitors to Jamaica and Learners of English would love and appreciate.

While hosting your tour, Ill share the history and mystery of Jamaica’s most internationally revered but little known and practiced ideology-Livity.

A lifestyle practiced by Rastafarians.

We’ll stop along the way to tease our pallets with delicious dishes from local food vendors, before touring a few farms then taking a refreshing swim in a river or beach.
Welcome Aboard!

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