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Our immune system is an intriguing and amazing aspect of our body. Every day, we come into contact with unwelcome substances that invade our bodies. Our bodies respond by

triggering our immune system to attack, like soldiers on the battlefield.


Most of us only notice the effects of our immune system when it has been compromised. That is, we run a fever, experience inflammation, or notice the development of pus around a wound.


We may recognize these things as bad, but the reality is that all these things are the result of a healthy immune system doing its job. Microbes, viruses, bacteria, toxins and parasites attempt to enter our bodies on a minute-by-minute basis. Our immune system is constantly working hard to keep theses harmful invaders out and prevent them from causing issues. 


This book teaches you how to strengthen your immune system and keep it strong.

The Auto Immune Protocal

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