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Nestled in the breathtaking expanses of Lilliput Jamaica, the Roots Cultural Hub is a vibrant celebration of Jamaica’s indigenous heritage. This eco-friendly and community-centered project embodies the spirit of collaboration, community, and sustainability. Join us in a journey that harmoniously blends history, science, culture, with nature.


Our Vision is…

To provide a space where the local community and visitors from around the world can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Jamaica’s Rastafari, Maroon, and Indigenous cultures, all while fostering eco-sustainability and nurturing community tourism.


In this Sacred Space we provide a…


Journey into History, Culture, & Science

Explore Jamaica’s native history and vibrance presented through a journey into natural and plant sciences that tells the story of Rasta’s and Maroons' use of plants for physical and spiritual healing.



Explore and experience the natural sciences used by indigenous peoples for medicinal and spiritual healing through one of our wellness retreats and/or workshops.


Cultural Exploration

Through the varied and vast offerings of cultural tours around the island you’ll visit Marcus Garvey’s birth home, explore the caves where the Maroons coordinated their attacks on plantation owners, and learn, share, and celebrate Rastafari culture during our weekly drummings, spoken word, poetry, and Marcus Garvey reasoning discussions.  


Artisan & Farmers Market

Purchase the freshest locally produced fruits and vegetables, handmade crafts, and unique artisan products at our weekly artisan and farmers market.


Art Gallery

Showcasing contemporary and traditional art from Jamaica’s Rastafari, Maroon and indigenous artists, available for viewing and purchase.


Sustainable Tourism:

Our community tourism project is not just a center of culture but a beacon of eco-and community tourism. Developed using sustainable community development and eco-friendly practices, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and supporting local ecosystems.


Community-Centric Approach

The Lilliput Roots Cultural Hub & Museum is more than a destination; it’s a community. We collaborate closely with the local residents, Rastafarians, Maroons, and other indigenous peoples to ensure that our project and offering reflect and benefit Jamaicans as a whole.


How you can be a part of this journey.


Visit Us

Come experience the beauty and vibrancy of our culture through one of our culture or history tours or wellness re-treats.


Whether you’re interested in nature, culture, or community, they’re something here for everyone.  Student Tours


Voluntourism: You don’t have to be passive observer of the history around you, you too can become a part of this indigenous journey by joining one of our many projects.


Museum Membership

Through your Museum membership you’ll not only receive local and international benefits but you’ll be contributing to:


Cultural preservation: safeguarding and promoting indigenous art and traditions 


Environmental Conservation: Commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability


Community Development: Boosting local economy through eco-tourism and supporting indigenous entrepreneurship


Education: Providing learning opportunities in art, history, environmental stewardship, and sustainable farming practices. 

Children's CASH Museum Membership

Price Options
Museum Membership
Sovereign Rastafari, Maroon, & Indigenous People’s
$25.00every 12 months for 144 months
Sponsor a student's membership
$25.00every month until canceled
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