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Jamaicans Denied Beach Access

Muslims aren't the only people being bullied by the Rich. Jamaicans are being bullied too.

I returned to Jamaica to learn that the beach where my siblings and I swam and played as children was sold to be used as an All Inclusive Hard Rock/Ritz Carlton Casino for the Wealthy. It was then the I suddenly realized Jamaicans are facing our own Israel Gaza situation.

I shudder to think what Queen Nanny and all of Jamaica's National Hero's who fought for Land, Freedom, and the Liberation of slaves in Jamaica, would think if they knew politicians sold off the lands, beaches, and essentially basic rights to land use they fought and died for.

Are you wondering how the coming Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will affect Lilliput and Jamaica’s Economy/Ecology and Beach Access?


              Jamaica Beach Birthright Environmental Movement! (JABBEM)


Join JABBEM President Dr. Devon Taylor and Montego Bay JABBEM Representative,

Karen Francis as they host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting with invited speakers

Jason Cummings and Anthony Murray: Andrew Holness and Mark Golding; and Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett

 Sunday February 25, 2024 6PM Via Zoom

 Bring your questions regarding the Hard Rock Casino Coming to Lilliput/Jamaica.


·        What are the environmental impacts of this development?

·        What are potential economic and social impacts of a Casino for the surrounding area and Jamaican people as a whole?

·        How will the Casino support Community Tourism?

·        How will Airbnb guests access beaches?

·        How will residents access beaches?

·        What are the potential social impacts of a Casino?

Hear where the candidates stand on the issue.

Then Vote for the candidate who will protect Jamaicans beach and property rights

Register for the Virtual Community Meeting Here

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