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More Than Just An English Teacher

You may or may not know what I’m out here doing in Cameroon. Many of my friends and family members probably think that I’m in Cameroon on a paid vacation like when I was in China. On the surface it may seem that way but it’s really not. As a matter of fact, my service with the State Department as an English Fellow in Africa is, in my opinion, equally as important as my service in the Navy.

Unlike my responsibilities in China, as an English Language Fellow in Cameroon I am tasked with developing projects in partnership with the US Embassy to improve the teaching methodology of English Teacher in Cameroon via Teacher Development workshops, Trainings , and Conferences .

So what the big deal, you ask?

Well, African’s ability to speak, read, write, and understand English is crucial for the economic development of African. Just think, in Cameroon alone there are over 250 dialects and mother tongues spoken, making it almost impossible to engage in trade without the ability to communicate in English. African’s ability to manage its resources and engage in trade hinges upon its people’s ability to read, understand, and communicate (write and speak) in English.

What is English teacher training important for Cameroonians?

Like in many educational circles around the world, the way in which English is taught in Cameroon is grossly outdated and inefficient. That’s why the President of Cameroon English Language Teachers Association (CAMELTA) wants to bring the latest education technology to Cameroon. I’m challenged to assist her in accomplishing that.

To this end, I am working with my assigned University, PKFokam Institute of Excellence, CAMELTA, and other Cameroonian teachers associations in organizing Cameroon’s first Technology Enhanced Language Learning Conference and Career Fair January 27-29, 2023 at the Hilton Hotel Yaounde Cameroon.

Officials from Cameroonian Ministry of Education, Vocational Education, teacher’s organizations, University officials and parents will be in attendance at this ground breaking Conference to learn about and invest in technologies that facilitate vocational training, Online University Programs, and English language development projects for Cameroonian students.

I would like to extend an invitation to ALL teachers in the language community, companies providing vocational, online, Vr and Ar platforms, and language assessment Apps to present at this Conference.

Whether you are a presenter showcasing Ed technology products, a teacher taking a workshop, or a parent exploring Ed tech options for your student, you are bound to have the most interesting experience of your life. What a way to start off your year!

I have taken most of the thinking out of the process of traveling to Cameroon for you by hosting the Conference at the 5 Star Hilton Hotel Yaounde and I have also reserved rooms for International Conference attendees and presenters. We have also arranged your round trip airfare, airport pickup, drop off, and in town transportation, meals, and you conference and visa application fees have all been arranged for you.

This way you can focus on having one of the most interesting and fulfilling experiences in your life, here in Cameroon, Africa.

Message me with your questions; then reserve your spot here

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